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Water-wise Plants and Landscapes:

Drought-tolerant Plants  ●  Low Maintenance Plantings  ●  Ground Covers  ●  Native Plants  ●  Zone Appropriate
Ground Cover
Dry Creek with low maintenace planting
Waterwise plants and ground cover
Front Yard Installation with Fence
Waterwise plants and ground cover
Waterwise Garden
Flagstone Walkway
Olive tree with low maintenace planting.
Waterwise plants and ground cover

Water-Wise is a term used to describe a water- and plant-management practice, never a plant category. Definition of being water-wise means using water more efficiently by using plants that have lower supplemental water needs and groupings plants that encourage efficient water use. Water-wise doesn’t equate to drought-tolerant.

Drought-tolerant is a term used to describe plants that can survive short-term periods of drought. Drought-tolerant plants don’t ignore drought; they tolerate it by responding in different ways because of various adaptations.

They may wilt and bounce back no worse for wear when normal moisture returns, while another plant drops all foliage. As an example, Callicarpa tolerate drought well, but may sacrifice flower or fruit production for survival. All plants can’t live without water. 

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