Permeable Pavers  ●  Concrete  ●  Flagstone  ●  Decomposed Granite  ●  Stucco  ●  Gravel  ●  Bark  ●  Wood 
Stairs  ●  Retaining Walls  ●  Dry Creeks  ●  Patios  ●  Walkways  ●  Rock Walls  ●  Trellises  ●  Fencing 
Gravel Patio
Flagstone Butterfly Walkway
Flagstone Walkway
Paver Walkway
Beach front Pathway
Flagstone Walkway
Flagstone Patio
Flagstone Walkway and Stairs
Stucco Wall
Natural Sand Stone Retaining Wall
Decomposed Granite walkway
Flagestone Walkway
Flagstone Walkway
Gravel Staircase
Permeable Pavers
Dry creek walkway
Flagstone walkway
River rock retaining wall
Stone Stairs
Permeable Paver Patio
Flagstone walkway
Paved walkway
Gravel walkway

Practical and well designed hardscape will add enjoyment and usefulness to any landscape.


"User friendly" layouts cannot be over stressed.


Whether concrete, pavers, gravel, decomposed granite or bark, the right application leads to enjoyment and satisfaction.

Let us help you decide what's right for you.